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Timboon and District Healthcare Service is hosting a Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria West (RFCS VicWest) Talk the Talk community session on Wednesday 21 February 2024 from 11am until 2pm (lunch is provided).

RFCS has been providing rural financial counselling since 1986 and has supported farmers and small business owners through bushfires, droughts, storms, floods, pandemics and economic downturns. Their services are free and confidential.

Financial problems can fill you with constant worry and drain your mental reserves as you try to retain some normality in day to day living. With the current high cost of living, mental health issues in the farming community are at an all-time high.

This has prompted the Wellbeing team from the Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria West (RFCS VicWest) to develop Talk the Talk, a workshop specifically designed for rural suppliers and service providers to make it easier to talk to farmers if you’re worried about their mental health.

This tailored session teaches participants about awareness, observation skills and strategies. It provides practical techniques that are effective and easy to use.

RFCS VicWest Wellbeing counsellors, Jo Beard and Ann-Marie Byrne, understand the isolated nature of the industry and how best to speak to farmers. Things like choosing the right environment and knowing how to start a conversation are key factors.

A famous saying is “A problem shared is a problem halved”, so why not contact our friendly reception staff on 5558 6000 or scan the QR code below to book your place and start Talking the Talk.

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