Our experienced team of Executive Personnel ensure the smooth running of all aspects of our health service and hospital care facilities in Timboon. Covering all financial management and administrative procedures, Timboon and District Healthcare Service relies on our:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Clinical Services
  • Human Resources Manager

Please contact us to find out more about the history of Timboon’s hospital, or make enquiries about our hospital services, primary healthcare programs or home and community care.

Rebecca Van Wollingen

Chief Executive Officer


The Chief Executive Officer is directly responsible to the Board of Governance for the overall management and financial accountability.

TDHS Rebecca Van Wollingen


Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for managing Administration, Hotel Services, Finance, Maintenance, Occupational Health & Safety, Risk Management, Compliance, Payroll and Information Technology.


Director of Clinical Services

The Director of Clinical Services is responsible for leading the Nursing, Community Health and Home Care Services team to ensure a culture of patient centred care that is individualised, safe and responsive.  They are also responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the Clinical Governance Framework.