Timboon and District Healthcare Service is dedicated to providing optimum health and wellness services in the region, bringing together acute hospital services and the broad spectrum of healthcare services, ranging from aged care to community nursing and education programs.


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Our multipurpose service continues to grow in response to our communities’ needs.


Annual Reports


Keep up to date with the latest news, information and progress towards our aim of increasing community health and well-being for better quality and enjoyment of life.



2022-23 Annual Report

2021-22 Annual Report

2020-21 Annual Report

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2014-15 Annual Report

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register

The Victorian Public Sector Commission has set binding minimum accountabilities for the appropriate management of gifts, benefit and hospitality.

TDHS is committed to uphold the principles of accountability and public interest.  As such, all workplace participants – this includes: Board of Governance members, executives, staff, volunteers, contractors, consultants and any individuals or groups undertaking activity for or on behalf of the Timboon and District Healthcare Service – will not accept gifts, benefits or hospitality that could raise a perception of, or actual, bias or preferential treatment. Individuals do not accept offers from those about whom they are likely to make business decisions.

Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Register

People Matters Survey

People Matters Survey | 2021 Results