National Close the Gap Day | 21 March 2024

Katina is our new Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer (ALO or ALHO). ALOs play a crucial role in Closing the Gap (CTG) for Indigenous Australians. This position serves as a vital link between the healthcare providers and our Aboriginal community, ensuring that culturally appropriate care and supports are provided to all Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander patients and their families.

By understanding the unique needs and experiences of First Australians, ALOs can effectively advocate for improved patient outcomes. Katina works closely with our healthcare providers to address any barriers that may exist, such as cultural understandings and appropriate care to ensure that Indigenous patients receive equitable access to healthcare services.

Overall, the presence of a dedicated Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer in Timboon is a significant step towards Closing The Gap for First Peoples. This role will ensure that Indigenous patients receive culturally sensitive care, access to appropriate services, and support to navigate the healthcare system effectively.

Close the Gap Day is an important annual event in Australia that aims to raise awareness about the health and life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It is held on the third Thursday of March each year.

The purpose of Close the Gap Day is to bring attention to the inequalities faced by Indigenous Australians in terms of health outcomes, access to healthcare services, and life expectancy.

The Commonwealth Closing the Gap 2023 Annual Report and Commonwealth Closing the Gap 2024 Implementation Plan takes a new approach to the socio-economic outcome areas. Targets and outcomes have been grouped to reflect the need to develop actions holistically to advance the aspirations of First Nations people (Closing the Gap (

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