Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours


TDHS welcomes visitors as we know they are an important part of the recovery process. Visiting hours are open and are only restricted by the consumer’s personal choice or varying state of health. Any need to restrict visitors is first discussed with the consumers and their family.

On arrival at our main entrance, please check in with our friendly reception staff to direct you to the consumer’s room. They will also inform you of any restrictions and if masks are required to be worn.

TDHS has zero tolerance of occupational violence and aggression (both physical and verbal). Persons displaying these behaviours against staff or other consumers may be prosecuted. We ask that your behaviour be of a standard acceptable to the health service.

Please note the main entrance will only be open from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm. Outside these hours you will have to ring the bell at the front doors to gain access and nursing staff will assist you.

In the interest of public health and the comfort of other consumers and staff, smoking is prohibited in TDHS building and grounds.