Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours


(please note that due to COVID-19 there are restrictions regarding visiting, including screening requirements – please see our COVID-19 section for the latest information)

TDHS welcomes visitors as we know they are an important part of the recovery process. Visitors can help people recover faster and also help reduce their anxiety and stress. However, as patient centred care is our main priority, it is up to the person in hospital to decide if they want visitors, and visitors must also respect hospital policies and visiting hours.

Visiting hours are flexible at TDHS, but when planning your hospital visit, please keep in mind that for patients, hospital is a place for treatment and recovery.  Before you leave home, please check with us by calling 5558 6000 to make sure the patient is well enough to see you and to check visiting hours/restrictions.

Patients may also be away from their room during the day for tests and other treatment or therapies. Knowing this in advance means you will not make the trip to the hospital only to be unable to or to have a long wait to see the patient.

When you arrive at our main entrance, please report to our friendly reception staff and ask the receptionist to direct you to the patient’s room. They will check with the nursing station if it is okay to visit the patient.

Please note the main entrance will only be open from 8.30 am – 5.00 pm. Outside these hours you will have to ring the bell at the front doors to gain access and nursing staff will assist you.