Living and Working in South West Victoria

Welcome to your world away!

Prepare to run, roll, stroll, jump, soar, taste and say yes often; but don’t forget to breathe. Raise your glass to the sun or firelight and ponder whether the local blue or a crumble of fudge best complements the flavour. Sink back on the grass with the tingle of a bush plucked strawberry fresh on your lips.

Timboon and District Healthcare Service is a multipurpose service providing a range of health services ensuring optimal health and overall well-being for individuals, allowing them to fully participate in, and contribute to their community. This is also reflected in our vision, mission and ICARE values: Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

The Region

Located in picturesque Timboon, a small town tucked into a wooded valley just 17 km north of the 12 Apostles coastline bursting with flavour and charm, working at our healthcare service will give you the opportunity to earn your living nurturing your desire to help others, while breathing fresh country air and exploring all that this beautiful part of the world has to offer.

Still want a taste of the hustle and bustle of a big town now and then? Warrnambool is only 40 kms away and you can be in Geelong within a 2-hour drive or Melbourne within a 3-hour drive. Putting together the perfect live, work, play recipe is up to you.


A strawberry farm, gourmet food store, cafes and eclectic shopfronts compliment the Distillery and Timboon Fine Ice-cream and are all in walking distance from the healthcare service and every day offers a possibility to partake in a new adventure. You can touch the blue and go for a surf or you can immerse yourself in the green by taking a walk or bike ride over statuesque trestle bridges through wooded grassland and tall wet forest. Feel like less intense wellness activities, like photography or painting? Then be inspired by local tourist attractions like the 12 Apostles, London Bridge and Bay of Islands, which are only a 15-minute drive away. They offer spectacular sceneries and opportunities to spot some local wildlife; over 2 million tourists can’t be wrong!


What our team think about working at TDHS!

Applying for a role at TDHS

Prepare and submit your application

You will need to prepare and submit your CV and a cover letter that briefly addresses the Key Selection Criteria set out on the last page of the position description. Click here for some tips on your Application.

Make sure to email these documents along with any qualifications to One of our team members will reply to your email to let you know it’s been received.

Our preferred method of communication is email. If you are shortlisted for an interview we will also give you a call.


Attend an interview

You’ve made it to the interview stage – Congratulations. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Most of our interviews are conducted online through Zoom.
  • Duration of an interview is anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • There are usually 2-3 people on the interview panel
  • You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions
  • We’ll let you know first if we are contacting your referees
  • We’ll let you know the outcome of your interview as soon as possible

Pre-employment Checks Requirement

To work at TDHS you are required to undertake a number of pre-employment checks which includes:

  • National Police Record Check
  • NDIS Worker Screening Check
  • Professional Registration (e.g. AHPRA, AASW, DAA, AHPA, ESSA, SPA)
  • Qualifications Check
  • Right to work in Australia
  • Working with Children Check
  • Immunisation history (incl. annual influenza and at least 3 Covid-19 vaccinations)
    • TDHS will work with successful applicants to help obtain serology reports and booster shots.


Application and Interviewing Tips


Do your research

Before applying for a role with us, check us out on our website and socials. This is one way of getting to understand our organisation and culture to see if we are match for you. It might be a good idea to search us on google, and check out how you would travel to and from work.

We know accommodation can be hard to find, but don’t let that worry you! We can work with you to find short or long term accommodation. If you are planning on relocating we can help you there as well.

Simply give our Human Resources team a call to learn more 03 5558 6000.


Read the position description and write a Cover letter

You’ve found that perfect job and you are excited to start applying. But wait! Have you read the position description?

The position description can tell you a lot about a role. It sets out the specific tasks to be completed, the objectives to be met and the skills required to perform in the position. Throughout the recruitment process, Hiring Managers use the position description to assess candidates against the role criteria. An assessment will be made on:

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • Certifications and Registration (if applicable)
  • Interview; and
  • Reference Checks


A Cover Letter is a great way to make a first impression. It summarises your experience, skills, attributes and performance in a few brief paragraphs. As part of the application process, you will be required to write a Cover Letter which addresses the Key Selection Criteria on the Position Description. Position descriptions can be accessed by clicking on the relevant job advertisement under the careers tab, and scrolling to the last page of the document.


To address the Key Selection Criteria follow the below steps:

  • Brainstorm keywords and ideas in each Key Selection Criteria dot point of what you think we are looking for. List examples of your skills, experience, incidents, training, personal qualities and expertise.
  • Write a statement using the SAO approach which stands for
    • Situation, where and when you did something
    • Action what you did and how you did it
    • Outcome, what was the result of your action
  • Proofread your statements that make sure they are free from errors, concise and relevant and about your capabilities and experience.


Example – Adaptability

As a receptionist for a small and busy rural healthcare service, being adaptable and flexible to any given situation is a critical aspect of the role. A typical day involved manning the phone line, responding to emails, being available to greet consumers and visitors and providing support to the wider organisation. I would regular flex in and out of tasks and duties as required and depending on priorities of the shift.


Use the STAR method when interviewing

The STAR method is an interview technique that helps you convey a situation to the Interview Panel in a concise way and details the task at hand, the actions you took to resolve or complete the task and result of those actions. By using the STAR method you will help the Interview Panel to assess how suitable your skills and experience are to a role.

See the below example to understand how to use the STAR method:

Interview Panel Question: When have you missed a deadline and what did you do?

Situation: Set the stage for the story by sharing context around the situation or challenge you faced. Share any relevant details.

For example – In my current role as Office Administrator I was working on improving a process. I agreed with my manager that I would have it completed in a week’s time. Unfortunately 5 days into the timeline, I realised that I would need to consult with a stakeholder who was on leave for the next week.

Task or Action: Describe your responsibility or role in the situation or challenge.

For example – As soon as I realised this problem I went to my manager to let them know, and to negotiate the opportunity of a possible extension.

Result: What was the outcome you reached through your actions? If possible, quantify your success or provide concrete examples of the effects of your efforts.

For example – My manager agreed to extend the deadline for another 2 weeks and we discussed how to avoid this from happening in future such as scheduling time with stakeholders immediately after being assigned a task so I can make sure it is in their calendar and I am aware if their availability will impact the deadline.



Nursing Opportunities at TDHS