Timboon and District Healthcare is at its core, heavily motivated and driven by the community. This stretches back to its beginnings – when a group of local citizens from surrounding townships across Heytesbury Shire met to talk about establishing a local hospital. As Timboon was considered the heart of the area, it was agreed as the right place for a hospital serving all communities, and the Timboon and District Hospital was officially opened 8 December 1955.

True to its mission of providing multipurpose care, the hospital offered a wide variety of services from its opening, including dental, physiotherapy and optometry in addition to providing hospital beds.

A true community project, the smooth running of the hospital was only made possible by collaboration and co-operation. In the early years, the lack of a dedicated water supply made operation difficult, until the signing of an agreement with the donor of the hospital site, Mr Lindquist, to draw up to 5000 gallons per week from the creek on his property. Following this, and connection to the town’s water supply, by 1975 the hospital had undergone multiple renovations increasing capacity to 20 beds, providing a voluntary ambulance brigade and offering ancillary health services through Warrnambool Base Hospital.

That same year, a dedicated Community Health Centre proposal was finalised, opening to the public in October 1978. Community demand was so high, a further extension was completed only three years later.

The current multipurpose hospital facility and healthcare service was proposed by the Minister for Health in the mid-1990s as a way forward for Timboon. Healthcare practices had been rapidly changing over the past decade, and the hospital needed to both update operations to save money and increase funding. The new service aimed to bring together acute hospital care, aged care and a commitment to community health, specifically designed to cater to the needs of rural, sometimes isolated, communities.

The late 1990s saw a major building appeal launched by the Hospital Board, raising more than $313,500 from individual, community groups and sporting club donations and bequests. Building projects throughout the 2000s included a new wing and the addition of the Timboon Clinic building and expansion of the community health facilities.

Throughout its history, Timboon and District Healthcare Service has evolved to meet the changing needs of the communities it supports, adapting to changes across healthcare and the economic environment to increase overall well-being and quality of life for all residents. A large part of this need has been met with the help of dedicated and tireless volunteers, who, along with our hospital’s executive personnel, have given their time, money and generosity to ensure the prosperity of our healthcare services.