Consumer Advisory Committee

Timboon and District Healthcare Service (TDHS) has a Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) that is composed of Community Representatives (Volunteers), Timboon P12 School Representatives (Volunteers) and TDHS team members.


Our CAC members:

  • increase the consumer and community voice in how services are provided,
  • raise issues that are of concern to TDHS consumers and their carers,
  • assist TDHS to stay in touch with what is important to the people who use its services
  • assist in the development of documents, communication and programs to ensure they are appropriately targeted to the audience
  • attend meetings every second month
  • participate in training and education as required


If this volunteer role appeals to you we want to hear from you! It’s never too late. Whatever your motivation for giving the gift of time it is invaluable to TDHS and it enriches the lives of our consumers.


We welcome consumer representative applications from people of all ages and those from different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and people with disabilities. Diversity enables the CAC to provide suggestions and advice to TDHS that expresses a broad range of opinions, concerns and experiences.


The Community Engagement Officer at TDHS can advise on the current availability of positions on the CAC and provide an application form to join. Telephone 55586064 or email: for more information.

Bronwyn Rantall

Chair Consumer Advisory Committee


Retired secondary school PE teacher, Bronwyn Rantall, is thrilled to contribute to the wonderful place that TDHS is. Even though she is busy running an Airbnb business in Port Campbell, she had no hesitation in joining our Consumer Advisory Committee as she enjoys contributing to the local community and share the Committee’s desire to make TDHS meet the needs of the local community to the best of its ability. “Volunteering makes me feel connected to my amazing community, helps me to build friendships and gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am being a good role model for my kids.”

Scott Munro

Scott moved to the South-West area 10 years ago from Melbourne and is married with two young children. He works at one of the local oil & gas companies and is interested in learning all about the local health system and how he can contribute to Timboon and District Healthcare Service and its many facets. “The more we give to our community, the more we will receive.”

Bobbie French

Bobbie works at the Timboon Clinic as an osteopath, which gives her an opportunity to hear from a lot of people and get a sense of their health needs. She grew up near Lavers Hill and completed the final three years of her high school education a Timboon P12 School. “I certainly think that with COVID-19 there are some unique challenges. I am proud to hear how TDHS staff have supported COLAC throughout the pandemic and I’m also looking forward to stepping up in a challenging environment.”

Ellen Podbury

Ellen has lived in Timboon for the past 15 years with her husband and three young children. She is currently a teacher at Timboon P-12 School. Ellen is the school representative on the Committee and is passionate about health and wellbeing for not only the school community but also the wider community. “As a user of Timboon and District Healthcare Service, I want to contribute to its continued success.”