Safe Patient Care Act

TDHS Safe Patient Care Act

Timboon and District Healthcare Service is pleased to confirm our compliance with the Safe Patient Care Act (2015) and the 2018 amendments to the Act which provide for nursing & midwifery staffing levels in our wards and departments.


Under the Act, we are obliged to publish the details of wards that have varied staffing levels due to the patient types we allocate to these wards.


If you would like to know more about the Safe Patient Care Act please visit


A copy of the legislation is available on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website

At TDHS Inpatient Services are provided via a mixed ward incorporating the acute and aged care services. (Last updated 04/08/2023)

*TDHS has one flexible Transition Care Program (TCP) bed that is included within the acute bed numbers.

Our mixed ward is staffed according to the following ratios under a level 4 hospital. (Last updated 04/08/2023)