Enabling optimum health and wellness for our communities

Timboon and District Healthcare Service (TDHS) is a multipurpose service providing a range of health services to the Timboon and surrounding areas. These services ensure optimal health and overall well-being for individuals, allowing them to fully participate in, and contribute to, their community. Located in the picturesque and well-visited western end of the Great Ocean Road, TDHS delivers health services encompassing all needs across the entire community, including:

For the past 50 years our hospital and healthcare clinic has been an integral part of the rural community, providing employment opportunities for residents of Timboon and the surrounding areas. Specifically designed to meet the needs of small and isolated rural communities, our services foster connectedness and promote engagement.

Multipurpose service

Being a multipurpose service (MPS), Timboon and District Healthcare Service has a tripartite agreement between the Commonwealth, State Government and our own agency to deliver services.  The State and Commonwealth funds are pooled so that we are able to respond flexibly and responsively to the challenges facing our communities in an isolated rural area. We are extremely proud of the services we provide; these are based on evidence gathered from community consultations, local demographics and population health data.


An important part of our commitment to delivering higher quality of life for all residents is improving understanding of health through education.

Our wellness coaching, exercise and rehabilitation programs are popular, and we also offer:

Our programs are designed to improve mental and physical health and encourage ongoing, positive change.

We rely heavily on our dedicated volunteer service, which helps run our support programs. If you’re interested in helping your community, you can find out about upcoming hospital events and activities.

To find out more about our aim to inform and educate the public about health literacy and well-being, please contact Timboon and District Healthcare Service, or refer to our health services FAQ.