You asked, we did…

By Rebecca Van Wollingen
Chief Executive Officer

As 2020 brought us some major challenges our focus never steered away from the important goals and outcomes we were charged with achieving. This year we continued to work towards our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan which is built around the Community Health Needs Assessment undertaken in 2018.

When you ask, we listen and we achieve. In 2018 the community asked for:

1. Continued high-quality bed-based service and urgent care;
2. Increased community health services and access to primary care;
3. Access to GP services;
4. Increased health promotion and opportunities to stay well.

We delivered through:

1. A significant increase in bed-based respite and continued 24hour Urgent Care Services;
2. Additional community health services including:

  • New social work services and an increase to diabetes education.
  • The continuance of private dental services this year, with visiting public dental services back next year.
  • The Life! Program is being run again focusing on healthy eating and living.
  • We are working on increasing physiotherapy and podiatry services. It has been a challenging year with finding the right person with the right skills, we hope you will see the additions to physiotherapy and podiatry services next year.
  • 3. GP services have remained strong with good coverage for Urgent Care and after hours services;
    4. We delivered The Resilience Project, Girls Night In and The Git Up challenge as some health promotion activities and once “COVID normal” lets us, we are planning to bring you a lot more like Women’s and Men’s Health nights, cooking classes and other health- oriented activities.

    We understand that the future success of our healthcare service lies within our community and we invite all our partners, community members and stakeholders to get involved so we can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of each and every community member.

  • Wishing you and yours a very merry and safe holidays season. Looking forward to working together for a healthy community in 2021.
  • Kinds Regards,

    * If you would like to read more about 2020 at TDHS, please click on the cover of our 2019/2020 Annual Report below. You can also view our current strategic plan by clicking on the cover of that document below.

    thumbnail of TDHS – Strategic Plan 2018-2023 Final

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