World Mental Health Day

Monday 10 October is World Mental Health Day.    

The day promotes public awareness and open discussion of mental disorders and prompts us all to:

  • learn more about prevention strategies and treatment services
  • be active in debunking stigma.

To help keep well, we are encouraged to:

  • be physically active
  • savour the past, present and future
  • connect with friends and family
  • engage in a new activity or rekindle a passion for an old one
  • be mindful. Take time to rest and allow your mind to notice things you wouldn’t in the normal rush of your day.
  • randomly show kindness and generosity – small actions can have significant meaning – a hug, a smile, open a door, pick a flower…
For more information, why not check out:




The Australian symbol for mental health awareness is the flannel flower.

It’s adaptable and enduring.  A flannel flower can put up with all sorts of growing conditions and usually bounces back from harsher times.

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