Video: 2021 Annual Appeal to help fund a TDHS Bus

Will you please help us buy a bus so our community can stay connected?

A bus will cost $160,000, but your donation today can make a priceless difference to people like Dorothy Bettens.


Dear Community Member,

We’d like to start with our thanks. If you come to Timboon and District Healthcare Service today, you can see people using high- quality equipment to help their rehabilitation from injury, surgery and major incidents like stroke.

Community members like you helped buy that equipment thanks to last year’s Annual Appeal and the difference you have made to people’s lives is wonderful.

We’d like your help again in 2021, please.

The COVID-19 lockdown gave all of us a taste of what it’s like to be home for long periods, unable to see people or do all of the things we want to.

For a lot of people in our community, life’s like that even when there’s no COVID-19.

They are restricted because of their age, a disability, poverty, or simply because they don’t have transport. Some can’t easily get to medical appointments, let alone make new friends or treat themselves to a day out.

TDHS does everything it can to support people like 90-year- old Dorothy. Sadly, we know too many people are still missing out, and spend long periods without stimulation or a chance to connect with another human.

Will you consider helping them by donating towards a modestly-priced TDHS community bus?

Your gift of $25 or $50 would help us afford that bus this year – and give a lot of people like Dorothy a better quality of life.

You can donated online by clicking here

Dorothy is a widower, and her children and grandchildren live interstate. She says without the occasional outing she gets through our Social Support Group, she’d “just be so isolated.”

With a bus, there’d be so many more chances to take people on day trips, where they can get out of their homes for a while, meet some new people or catch up with old mates, and do things that are good for their health.

It will cost $160,000 for a bus that’s fitted with a hoist, so anyone who uses a wheelchair or walker can more easily get on and off.

Social Support Group Coordinator Ann-Maree Moloney said the bus would be a wonderful asset to many people like Dorothy.

“We’ve needed this bus for a long time. It would allow us to get isolated elderly people and people with a disability back into their community, and into life.”

“This TDHS community bus is an investment in a better future for our whole community and we hope you can help support it with a donation today, so we can continue to work together for a healthy community.”

Thank you for your care and your time.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Van Wollingen
Chief Executive Officer

Maryanne Puli Vogels
Board Chair

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