TDHS Board of Directors July 2020

Two new faces join the TDHS Board of Directors

Two new Corangamite Shire residents have wasted no time putting roots down in the local community, with Stephanie Hargreaves and Alison Byrne joining the Board of Directors at Timboon and District Healthcare Service (TDHS).

The pair join incumbents Anthony DeJong, Chris Stewart, Toinette Hutchins, Claire Murphy, Frank Carlus, Anne Skordis, Bryce Morden, Ashley Nesseler and chair Maryanne Puli Vogels on the board.

Ms Puli Vogels said long-serving board member Josh McKenzie was the only member to come off the board this year, meaning the new board of 11 had been bolstered by one.

“We are so lucky to have two new locals decide to put their hand up to lend their skill sets to the future of TDHS. Both Stephanie and Alison are wonderful additions,” she said.

Ms Hargreaves grew up in Mortlake, but has lived in Melbourne, overseas and the Gold Coast before moving to Cooriemungle with her partner on a dairy farm more recently.

She began her career as a nurse and completed a Master’s Degree in Public Health before moving into health promotions, events, marketing and communications roles – including two years with the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Now working for Corangamite Shire, Ms Hargreaves said her decision to apply for a position on the board of TDHS was part of her investing in the local area for the long term.

“Absolutely it’s about me wanting to get more involved in the local community. I’m very passionate about health and wellbeing and I saw this as a great opportunity to contribute,” she said.

“We’ve had one board meeting via Zoom so far, but already I’m so impressed with how driven TDHS is. I’m 31, so I’m a bit younger and that diversity is good for our mix I think.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my views and contributing across a range of things, but consumer engagement is a big one along with communications and fundraising.”

Ms Byrne is still in the difficult process of moving from Melbourne to live full-time in Camperdown with her partner while their new home is built at Chocolyn.

Originally from Broken Hill, her son Ben’s congenital heart disease led her to a life of hospitals, not-for-profits and charity work.

“I’ve done it my entire working life really. Because of Ben, I got involved with HeartKids Victoria – first as a volunteer and then as their first employee,” she said.

“I got the state groups together and set up HeartKids Australia. I’ve also worked for St Michael’s Grammar to raise capital for a new building as well as the National Stroke Foundation, MIND and Autism Victoria.”

Ms Byrne is a life member of the Royal Children’s Hospital and HeartKids Victoria and is currently the Deputy Director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation.

She said spending time on the Royal Children’s Hospital Quality and Safety Committee provided knowledge and skills TDHS could benefit from.

“I’ve certainly spent plenty of time on boards, including the ANZ Children’s Heart Research Centre and ANZ Gastroenterology International Training Association which works across Australia and New Zealand,” she said.

“Applying for a position on the Timboon board is me putting my roots down here. I love hospitals and working with the community – it’s about making a difference.”

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