TOPS Syringe Pump Driver

TOPS volunteers continue dedication to TDHS

Volunteers at the Timboon Opportunity Shop (TOPS) have continued their dedication to the purchase of important medical equipment for the town’s healthcare service.

After six years under the umbrella of Timboon and District Healthcare Service, TOPS stepped out as a stand-alone community cooperative last November.

This month, TDHS purchased a new Syringe Pump Driver thanks to a $3000 donation from TOPS volunteers.

Rather than infusing a single drug or combination of drugs in one standard injection, the device administers doses gradually over a sustained period of time. This method can help better control symptoms and reduce side effects.

TOPS coordinator Brenda Parfett said the volunteers were proud to have made their first significant contribution to TDHS since the co-op was launched last year.

“There were a number of reasons why our volunteers decided to step out on our own, but our commitment to Timboon and District Healthcare Service never changed,” she said.

“We’re now running independently and profitably and it was wonderful to continue our proud history of funding medical equipment for the local community.

“Our volunteers deserve a massive thank you. Volunteers are so important and we can’t do what we do without them.

“We also can’t make these donations without the wonderful people who donate goods that they no longer require, because without those goods we wouldn’t have a shop.”

TOPS was opened in November 2011 by TDHS staff members and community volunteers, including Mrs Parfett.

Acting chief executive officer Jeannine Creely praised the TOPS team for their hard work and dedication to their new co-op structure.

“We are so happy to have a great, ongoing relationship with TOPS,” she said.

“The volunteers are doing an amazing job supporting us and providing vital donations to fund the purchase of new medical equipment.

“We appreciate everything that TOPS is doing, we really value the relationship and look forward to that continuing for many years to come.”

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