Timboon Health service provides a LifeMAP for well-being

As a leading health service in Timboon, we take our commitment to improving community health and overall well-being seriously. We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and deliver the highest level of care to our clients, patients and the wider community. Our focus is to:

  • improve health
  • encourage participation in the community
  • reduce cases of chronic disease.

We developed the LifeMAP health service program to meet these community needs. LifeMAP aims to promote greater mental and physical health using a two-fold approach of:

  • educating participants on the importance of nutritional choices
  • increasing physical activity.

Positive encouragement and fostering a sense of community is key to the LifeMAP program – by creating positive thought patterns and establishing positive behaviours, participants are encouraged to develop long-term, successful strategies for ongoing health.

Many of our related health service professionals are involved in the LifeMAP program, including dietitians, counsellors, and wellness coaches. As well as providing strategies and plans for patients to implement, they also offer education and information through a range of workshops and presentations.

The combination of education and practical measures are designed to help you permanently overcome negative patterns and behaviours, creating a lasting lifestyle change.

Please contact Timboon and District Healthcare Service to find out more about our LifeMAP program.

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