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Corry Kerr has become the third annual winner of Timboon and District Healthcare Service’s (TDHS) ICARE Dr Peter Fox Staff Award.

The virtual awards were held via Zoom last week and also saw John Fox, the son of the late Dr Peter Fox, recognised with the 2021 Volunteer Award.

Long serving Board Member Josh McKenzie, who finished his tenure last year, also received a Life Governor Award in recognition of his meritorious service to TDHS.

A number of long service staff awards were also presented to;

  • Kath Brown – 35 Years
  • Michelle Selten – 30 Years
  • Lynda McKenzie – 15 years
  • Enid O’Connor – 15 Years
  • Tracey Heeps – 15 Years
  • Sherryl Mueller – 15 Years
  • Rhonda Johnston – 10 years
  • Joanne Delaney – 10 Years
  • Linda Robertson – 10 Years
  • Margaret Edge – 10 Years

(l-r) TDHS’s 2020 ICARE Dr Peter Fox Staff Award Fiona Hanel with 2021 winner Corry Kerr and Dr Fox’s son John Fox at the surprise presentation last Wednesday night.

Corry Kerr wins coveted ICARE Dr Peter Fox Award

District Nurse Corry Kerry was sitting on the couch with her husband Stephen watching the ICARE Awards on her iPad when the live stream suddenly cut to a street she recognised.

“I was watching the Zoom and last year’s winner Fiona Hanel and John (Fox) were walking up the street to surprise the winner and I saw them walk around my corner,” she said.

“I said to Stephen ‘I think they’re coming here…you knew didn’t you!’. I could tell by the look on his face then, that he was in on it all.

“Then I got up and looked out the window and saw them walking up to my house. I was pretty excited…it was quite a surprise.”

The award acknowledges the outstanding contributions made by staff members who demonstrate the ICARE values to an exceptionally high level. The values include integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence.

Mrs Kerr said she used to work with Dr Fox and she was honoured to win the award named in his honour and to be presented with it by his son John, who she also knew well.

“Dr Fox was a very hard-working GP – he was here when my parents arrived on our settlement farm at Princetown,” she said.

“When I was nursing, I remember him arriving in the middle of the night in his dressing gown and slippers to check on a patient or deliver a baby. He was a special man and it’s a real honour and privilege to get the award.”

Mrs Kerr said the ICARE values at TDHS related to everything she did in her role and she prided herself in ‘going the extra mile’ for patients – especially during COVID-19.

“ICARE makes you think about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and how you might be able to do it better,” she said.

“For me the focus on ICARE makes sure I listen, without judging, that I’m accountable and doing all the right things.

“I’m very fortunate to work with great staff, including other District Nurses who got long service awards. I always think that if people work here for that long, it must be a great place to work, and it is.

“I love working in this area…the coastline is amazing, as are the people, and our patients have become my friends. I’m very lucky.”

(l-r) TDHS Community Engagement Officer Sabine McKenzie, 2021 Volunteer Award Winner John Fox and Director of Community Health Tanya Wines.

John Fox surprised with 2021 Volunteer Award

Volunteering at TDHS keeps John Fox active, gives him routine, provides important direction and even helped him move on from a period in his life gripped with depression.

He said it came as a great surprise when TDHS Community Engagement Officer Sabine McKenzie and Director of Community Health Tanya Wines arrived at his door last Wednesday night to present him with the Volunteer Award.

He said the awards were special to him and his family. He said he enjoyed presenting the ICARE Dr Peter Fox Award each year and wasn’t expecting to win the Volunteer Award.

“It means a lot to me…dad has done a lot for this district and I got to give the award to Corry which was good. But, I didn’t expect the one I won…the doorbell went and they were standing there with the award,” he said.

“I started volunteering in 2017 and do Meals on Wheels and Community Driving. Instead of sitting inside, I get to go out and meet people and learn things.

“With meals on wheels you get the chance to have a very quick chat with people. I try not to take too long though.

“With the driving, I often take people to appointments in Warrnambool and also small local trips for people in Timboon who have appointments at the hospital.

“I love it…on Friday’s I’ve been bringing a lady from the other side of Simpson over to Tracey’s (Heeps) exercise classes as well. It keeps me busy, which is a good thing.”

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