Save the Date for our upcoming Annual General Meeting

A big part of our community consists of farmers and as agriculture consistently ranks among the most dangerous industries to work in, Timboon and District Healthcare Service has invited John Darcy, Senior Farm Safety Advisor at the Victorian Farmers Federation, to be our guest speaker at our 2022 AGM, to be held on 20 February at 11 am, to talk about making farms safer in a meaningful and practical way.

Every morning, our farming families wake up early, slip on their boots and hats and walk out their front doors, arriving on the job site the moment they take that first step. For them, there is little separation between home and work.

To ensure that every boot crosses that threshold as the sun goes down, it is important that farmers are equipped with the knowledge and resources that will keep them safe every day of their life.

John is a highly experienced (33 years) safety and workers’ compensation practitioner with experience across multiple industry sectors having previously worked for the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) and the Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV).

Please stay tuned for more detailed information in the coming weeks!

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