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At 11am on 11 November 1918, the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare. The allied armies had driven the German invaders back, having inflicted heavy defeats upon them over the preceding four months.

In November, the Germans called for an armistice (suspension of fighting) in order to secure a peace settlement. The allied armies accepted the terms of unconditional surrender. It marked the end of WWI.­­­­­­

Remembrance Day falls on the 11th of November each year. On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a minutes’ silence is observed and dedicated to soldiers from all wars and conflicts, who fought or died fighting to protect the nation and keep us free.

During WWII one million Australians, both men and women, served, including many local young boys like Ian Bell, Albert Easterbrook, and Ernie Sumner.

Their families have kindly provided photos and a small paragraph as part of our tribute to all the war heroes, including our local ones, who are examples of dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Ian Daniel Thomas Bell 

Ian was born on 17th December 1923 and joined the army on his 18th birthday. He began training as a signal man (military communications) and was then transferred to the Australian Army Pay Corps.

He was made a Pay Sergeant with the 38th Australian Infantry Battalion and served for a short period with the general unit until the end of the war.

He was sent home to be discharged, but was kept on to sell the surplus army goods.

Albert Easterbrook

Albert was the 11th child born into the Easterbrook family at Cobden Hospital (17th May 1921) to Robert and Rebecca and was one of six boys.

He worked at farms labouring until enlisting in the Australian Army on 22nd April 1941 joining the 2/5th Australian Infantry Battalion, because of Australia’s involvement in WWII.

He spent 5 years, trudging around the desert & jungles in the Middle East and Papua New Guinea.

In Port Moresby he was shot in the upper left arm and contracted malaria. He was discharged and sent home on 18th Feb 1946.

Ernest (Ernie) John Sumner

Ernie, born 28th September 1911, enlisted in 1941 and served 4.5 years in army transport, the Transport Platoon, driving from Alice Springs to Darwin carrying vital supplies of petrol and food on the trip north and mainly personal items on the trip back.

He also served time in Papua New Guinea before returning to Timboon to work for Dalgety’s until his retirement in 1974.

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    Posted at 11:34h, 11 November Reply

    A lovely tribute to our local diggers, including my Dad, Albert Easterbrook. We will Rememebr Them

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