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Need an x-ray? We have radiology services right here

Locals requiring non-urgent x-rays are urged to take advantage of the radiology services offered here at Timboon and District Healthcare Service.

Radiologist Louis Adriaanse takes appointments here every Thursday.

TDHS chief executive officer Rebecca Van Wollingen said the x-ray service was important for the local community and many more people could benefit from it.

“It’s one of those services that we have, but that isn’t as well utilised as it could be. I think a large part of that is many people just don’t know it’s here,” she said.

“We often hear examples where someone has had a cough, it’s dragged on too long and they require a chest x-ray so they go and get one elsewhere. But, they can get it right here.

“As a practical example, I actually needed an x-ray myself recently. I’d hit my head playing basketball, went to see the doctor and as a precaution they sent me for an x-ray.

“I didn’t have to travel, I made an appointment here, got my x-ray, my doctor reviewed it and everything was fine.”

Radiology appointments can be made by calling the TDHS reception team on 5558 6000.

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