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Mpower connecting with Annette Coles

Life as a carer is not new for Annette. Earlier in her life she cared for husband Bill’s mother at the family farm in Glenfyne. The couple only sold the farm recently, after the sudden passing of their son Scott in 2019. Prior to Scott’s death he had been their carer, taking care of the washing, making beds and other duties around the home.

Annette and Bill have been married for 55 years, having met at a kitchen tea in Ecklin. Annette proudly states that they were the first couple married in the Camperdown Courthouse.

Currently Annette and Bill receive personal care assistance three days a week, provided by Kerry Parker and Sharon Shanahan from TDHS. They are also about to start receiving home help including having their lawns mowed, as a shoulder injury is preventing Annette from continuing that upkeep. Annette will be turning 74 soon. Bill is 93.

Shortly Bill will have his first respite stay at TDHS, which will allow Annette to do things like shopping. Currently taking Bill to the shops is a challenge. He likes to wander off, which creates added stress. Bill will also enter respite care at TDHS when Annette has her upcoming shoulder surgery.

The Timboon Carer’s Group has been established recently by Mpower and they meet monthly. Annette attended her second meeting the other day and really likes going. It gives her a chance to not only meet up with like-minded community members and share experiences and tips, but also gives her the opportunity to talk about subjects other than being a carer. It’s a lovely group of about 5 to 6 people, but there is always room for more.

Annette finds the extra assistance she receives from Judi from Mpower very supportive.

“Being a carer can be quite overwhelming sometimes and Judi’s advice provides support and takes the pressure off a bit. Judi is lovely and very helpful. Also having the opportunity for Bill to stay at TDHS for a little while on respite is really great and gives me the opportunity to have a break, including a good night sleep.”

Mpower is excited to be working with TDHS to improve the lives of Timboon and district carers and the people they care for. Judi can be contacted via TDHS on 5558 6000.

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