“Just do it” – CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support opportunity at Timboon and District Healthcare Service (TDHS)

This is the advise of Taya Thomson, who enrolled in our “CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support” course last year.


Caring and supporting others in health and wellbeing comes naturally to Taya, but after leaving school she was unsure how she could use these skills in a profession she would enjoy. After completing a Beauty Services course, she started working at TDHS in Community Care, while still eager to expand her knowledge and explore what career path she wanted to follow.

In 2022, due to continuing staff shortages caused by the pandemic, TDHS formed part of a Victorian Multi Purpose Service (MPS) collaboration to create “Reach Out Rural Learning Hubs”, which provided the opportunity for the “CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support” to be obtained locally at the healthcare service and in a traineeship model.

Taya grabbed this opportunity with both caring hands. “As it was only 7 months and affordable, I saw it as a great way to further my skills, while still being able to work at TDHS and determining what career I wanted to follow,” Taya said.

As an MPS model, TDHS provides a combination of acute, respite and aged care beds, which meant all the required work placements can be done locally.

“There is no doubt it is full on, but having the work placements where you work, is so much easier and TDHS offers a great team environment with plenty of support”, Taya said. “The key is to keep being motivated and knowing what you get out of it. These are skills for life and the certificate is nationally recognized, so you can work locally or if you decide to travel, you are qualified with skills that everyone is looking for, which expands your job opportunities.”

The course is delivered by a combination of online tutorials, face-to-face teaching workshops, self-study learning materials, and ongoing tutor support and mentoring.

Following this course has not only provided Taya with new skills, but it has helped her to decide her career path and find something she would love to do: becoming a nurse. “While doing the work placements on the ward here at TDHS working with the nursing teams, made me realise that nursing is what I want to do, so I’m now looking at enrolling in a nursing degree. I wish I had this opportunity when I left school. It really is a quick and affordable way of providing the necessary foundation to embark on a care-giving career whatever path you choose to follow,” Taya said. “Just do it!.”

Enrolments close soon so to register your interest, please click on the link below:

Certificate III in Individual Support – Ageing & Disability | CHC33021|Myrtleford – Alpine Institute – commencing 8th August 2023

Certificate IV in Health Administration – HLT47321 | Myrtleford (alpineinstitute.vic.edu.au) – commencing 28th July 2023

Or you can contact our Education Officer, Lisa Pechotsch, on 0403 527 498 or lpechotsch.tdhs@swarh.vic.gov.au.

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