Have you ever thought about a Board role?

The Minister for Health, the Hon Jill Hennessy MP, recently announced applications for board positions.  Josh McKenzie (pictured), President of the Timboon and District Healthcare Service Board of Governance explains what it’s like to be a voluntary Board member.

Being a Board member is a wonderful way to contribute something back to our community.  It also enables me to play my part in continuously improving a service that my friends, family and I use to maintain optimum health and wellness.

Timboon and District Healthcare Service is a multipurpose service that provides a range of health, aged and community services in response to local community needs.   The Board of Governance sets the strategic direction and goals for the healthcare service and actively monitors how well the services we provide meet people’s needs.   As a Board, we are constantly looking for opportunities to innovatively improve safety, quality and efficiency.

Currently there are 9 people appointed to the Board of Governance serving terms from one to three years.   Each year we tend to have a few members reach the end of their current term which helps ensure the Board keeps a diverse skills mix and regularly evaluates members’ needs.

At TDHS, all Board members are expected to attend and actively participate in monthly meetings and also serve on at least one subcommittee.  Our rural remote location is not a big issue as members are able to link in by video or teleconferencing, and email is well utilised between meetings. The skillsets people bring to the Board helps determine which subcommittee will benefit most from their expertise and experience.

Training and development is also an important aspect of the role as it is essential our members have the confidence and sufficient competencies to fulfil their responsibilities.  Last year Board members attended a range of professional development opportunities throughout the state and via webinar.  They reported back to the full Board and shared resources.

It is important that the Board broadly mirrors the diversity of our community so I’d really encourage people with expertise or qualifications in clinical governance, law, registered health professional, consumer(patient) experience, consumer engagement, executive management, human resources management, financial management and accounting, audit and risk management, corporate governance, communications and stakeholder engagement, asset management and/or ICT strategy and governance to give serious consideration to becoming a Board member.

Applications close at midnight Sunday 19 February 2017.

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