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HARP | Connecting with Wendy Doolan

While the HARP service is only new, Wendy has already met with HARP Coordinator Colin O’Neill twice and is looking forward to another catch-up this week.

“He should be a doctor,” Wendy says as we sit down to chat about the service. Wendy appreciates the way that Colin explains things to her.

Wendy was suffering from shortness of breath and saw Dr Shashi at the Timboon Clinic, who referred her onto Warrnambool. In Warrnambool they diagnosed arrhythmia and have now prescribed medication to regulate her heartbeat.

Wendy now sees a heart specialist in Warrnambool and appreciates how Colin is connecting her with other services.

Staying as healthy as she can is important for Wendy, who enjoys speedway and attended the three days of the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic in January, and looks forward to attending again this summer.

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