Albert Jarvis

HARP | Connecting with Albert Jarvis

Albert, Lisa and Leigh credit Colin O’Neill and the HARP program for the improvement in Albert’s condition. Lisa, together with her partner Leigh Richardson, care for her father Albert who will turn 85 in December.

Albert had been hospitalised for influenza at South West Healthcare Warrnambool. Albert was later transferred to TDHS for a few weeks. Colin became involved during this time. Albert has been living with Lisa at her Peterborough home for the past 3 years after his wife passed away, with Lisa and Leigh as his carers.

Lisa and Leigh cannot speak highly enough of Colin and his ability to streamline their interactions with various health services. “He is approachable and easy to work with,” Lisa said. He is “efficient, punctual and a good bloke,” Leigh added.

“Dad has taken a bit of a turn in life,” Lisa said. “He has improved immensely with Colin’s assistance.” Albert, a smoker for 40 years, has recently given the cigarettes away thanks to his stays in hospital and respite. “He couldn’t smoke in hospital, now he doesn’t need to use his puffer and is sick less often.”

“Colin also arranged the occupational therapist to come and assess Dad, so now he is more mobile on his walker,” Lisa added.

The couple are grateful for Colin’s assistance. Leigh recently had surgery and Colin took the whole household situation into account when booking Albert’s respite care. “Colin keeps the communication flowing, and support the family to make situations easier,” Leigh said.

Support for Albert now includes visits from community care three times a week, meals on wheels and stays in respite care at TDHS.

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