Febfast – how a small sacrifice can make a big difference

The Febfast campaign is well underway and TDHS staff members who have joined TDHS team are still going strong. Rebecca Van Wollingen, TDHS Chief Executive Officer, is pausing for alcohol this month to raise awareness of how a small sacrifice can have numerous health benefits.

Data from previous campaigns show Febfasters are feeling healthier, getting more sleep, saving money and are more aware of how their habits impact their health. (Read more)

The small sacrifice our team members make not only benefits their own health; funds raised will also enable young people around the country, who experience serious disadvantage, to access the resources and support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. It is all about a supportive community where all young people are valued, included and have every opportunity to thrive.

The funds raised will be invested in programs that take a holistic approach to a young person’s life, like Lilly*, ensuring they have the tools and ability to take control of their future (*Name changed to protect identity).

“Lilly is eight years old and lives in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. She lives with her father and unfortunately has grown up in a life of poverty and neglect.

Lilly’s school has reported incidents of aggression from her father and numerous occasions where she attended school without any shoes or food.

Initially, mentoring focused on providing Lilly with clothes, shoes and learning basic hygiene routines – as she didn’t even own a toothbrush. Lilly is now being provided with nutritional meals after school and being encouraged to try new and healthier foods.

Lilly’s mentor program has spanned two years and we are now focusing on supporting her with homework and ensuring she is able to enjoy some fun activities in her school holidays. Although Lilly has come a long way, she will need ongoing support from her mentor.”

You can still join our team by following the steps https://febfast.org.au/signup or if you are able to donate to our team you can go to https://febfast.org.au/t/timboon-and-district-healthcare-service.

A small sacrifice can make a big difference!

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