Febfast – how a small sacrifice can make a big difference

The Febfast campaign starts tomorrow and TDHS is again joining this great cause. It’s a great opportunity to become more aware of how habits impact our health, while helping to improve the lives of young people who face serious disadvantages across Australia.

Community Engagement Officer, Sabine, is pausing for chocolate. “I love a piece of chocolate for dessert but am thinking that it has become a bit more of a habit and some evenings I have more than just one-piece😊

When TDHS decided to join Febfast again this year, I thought joining our team would be a great opportunity to not only make myself pause this habit (and hopefully break it and reap some benefits); but also try to raise money for a great cause like Febfast at the same time. When I checked out their website a couple of years ago, I was affected by the personal stories, especially from young children living in Australia, like Jason* (*Name changed to protect identity).

“Jason is 10 years old, and lives in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. He has been living in supported accommodation with his mother and seven siblings because of domestic violence.

Jason has been exposed to drug and alcohol use from a young age and because of trauma and neglect, he is significantly behind his peers in development and school progress.

As part of our mentor program, Jason will have quality one-on-one time with a caring adult, experiencing things that he would not otherwise have been able to access. Sport and recreational activities may be a good outlet for his energy, and we hope that with encouragement and support he will begin to engage in school activities.”

 “I was thinking that Jason could be a beautiful little boy here in our district and it’s great to know that 100% of funds raised will go back into Australian communities, including regional ones, to help these young Australians. What an amazing feeling that such a small sacrifice can make such a big difference!”

You can join our team by following the steps https://febfast.org.au/signup or if you are able to donate to our team you can go to https://febfast.org.au/t/timboon-and-district-healthcare-service


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