Dementia and Your Caring Role Workshop

Over the last 4 weeks, TDHS hosted information sessions on “Dementia and Your Caring Role” in which 8 participants attended.

Facilitated by Jason Kelly from Dementia Australia, the Dementia and Your Caring Role 4 week program provided participants with an understanding of dementia and how to care for someone living with Dementia.

Topics covered were communicating effectively, meaningful activities, understanding changes in behaviour, making your home dementia-friendly and the impact of caring for someone with Dementia.

Participants were pleased with the sessions and shared many stories with each other, gaining each others support and understanding.

Some reflective comments included:

“Excellent and very inclusive sessions.  Shared stories were encouraged and most helpful.  Would highly recommend to others”

“Thanks to Jason and Timboon Healthcare for this opportunity.  Dementia awareness is vital in my life story”

“it was good to meet other people in a similar situation”

“A very valuable course.  The trainer was very approachable and knowledgeable”

TDHS will look at running more Dementia awareness programs for community members in 2024 so watch this space!

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