TDHS Crafting in Self Isolation

Crafting – a healthy way to deal with self isolation

During these difficult times of social distancing and self isolation, crafting is not just an outlet for creativity but using your skills in a considered way could benefit your wellbeing (physical and mental) and those of others too.

Our community engagement officer Sabine McKenzie is a keen crafter and she said card making is one of the crafts that keeps her grounded and helps her cope whenever she feels anxious.

“Making something can help us slow our breathing and our bodies and make us listen to our minds,” she said.

“And to share with others what you made, is a great way to engage with your neighbours or others in the community and share a bit of positivity especially during these difficult times.

“Putting a handmade card in somebody’s mailbox saying you’re thinking of them, or something else heartfelt, is a great way to let them know they’re not alone and that you care.”

Sabine said it brought her great joy to share her cards and she liked to imagine the smile on that person’s face when they received it.

“I know we’ve got a very creative community, whether it’s knitting, decorating a cake or tinkering in the shed and this is a great time to take the time to create and show off our wonderful creations,” she said.

“We’d love to share any of these crafty creations on our TDHS instagram page @timboon_healthcare so please hashtag #workingtogetherforahealthycommunity and help spread word.”

Please remember that if you are finding the current situation overwhelming, help is available and a great place to start is on the Lifeline website by clicking here or by calling  131 114.

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