Checking in keeps us open TDHS


The pandemic has seen a rise in the use of different technology to keep us staying apart and staying safe. We started working from home, using virtual platforms to stay in touch with loved ones and downloaded apps to do our grocery shopping or to enjoy some retail therapy.

As Victoria is slowly opening up again after another lockdown, one app is vital to assist in keeping COVID-19 and any outbreaks under control and thus keeping Victoria safe and open. This is the free Victorian Government QR Code Service available from Service Victoria (

By checking in you will assist contact tracing, which is an essential component of the toolbox for containing a disease outbreak, especially for a disease such as COVID-19, which can be spread by people who have no symptoms.

When you enter our healthcare service you are required to scan the QR code located at our main entrance, which will record your name and contact number only. Even if you have visited TDHS before, remember to check in each time.

As a healthcare service we will also still need to continue the following process:

  • screen all visitors, clients and staff prior to entry
  • requiring all visitor and clients to wear a face mask (preferably bring your own)
  • requiring all visitors (including contractors, patient visitors, trainers) to sign-in and out of the visitor book.

A friendly reminder that if you suspect you have COVID-19 to please call ahead and we will assess and support you.

Together we can keep our community safe and stay open.

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