CEO announces end to TDHS entry trial. Front door access reverts to normal

Dear community members,

As you may be aware, in the past two weeks we have trialled closing the front door and having visitors/patients/consumers complete their attestations outside.

Thank you to community members who provided feedback in relation to this matter.

In review of the learnings it has been decided:

TDHS front doors will NOT be closed, attestations will revert back inside at our front reception

  • Door function will go back to how it was before the trial.
  • Doors will be programmed to:
    • Open and close automatically from Mon-Fri, 8:30am – 5pm
    • Stay closed and require green button for exit at all other times (weekends and evenings)

This change back to the previous access arrangement has already taken place this week.

Kind Regards,
Rebecca Van Wollingen
Chief Executive Officer
Timboon and District Healthcare Service

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