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As we are looking forward to sharing the Christmas holidays with our loved ones and with COVID-19 being prevalent within our community, it’s more important than ever to continue to keep yourself, your loved ones and our community safe from COVID-19.

Moderna Spikevax Bivalent Original/Omicron BA.1 vaccine is available as a third and fourth dose in people aged 18 years and older.

Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has found this next generation vaccine triggers a modest improvement in the immune response against both strains. This vaccine and the original vaccines still provide significant protection from severe disease against Omicron subvariant infections.

Three doses of COVID-19 vaccine provide very good protection, especially against severe disease.

A booster dose will make sure the protection from the first 3 doses is even stronger and longer lasting, and should help prevent spread of the virus.

A COVID-19 vaccine provides strong protection against:

  • serious illness
  • hospitalisation
  • death

A booster dose will continue to protect you, your loved ones and your community against COVID-19.

Booster doses are free for eligible age groups.

Please call the Timboon Clinic on 03 5558 6088 to book for a Monday to Friday appointment.



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