Febfast Maryanne Puli Vogels TDHS

What will you pause for the Febfast cause?

Could you give up alcohol or sugar for a whole month? What about smoking, TV, coffee or chocolate? Maybe it’d be nice to quit social media, gaming or even your mobile phone!

The options are endless but living without something you love for a month is a great way to challenge yourself and support disadvantaged young Australians at the same time.

Timboon and District Healthcare Service (TDHS) chair Maryanne Puli Vogels is drumming up community members to join the TDHS Febfast team.

“Last year we raised over $3000 to enable young people experiencing serious disadvantage to access the resources and support they need to turn their lives around,” she said.

“I love Febfast and will be giving up alcohol for the month again. While the overriding motivation is to help support Australians, it is also a wonderful opportunity to benefit from a healthy kick-start to 2019.”

Ms Puli Vogels said giving up alcohol and sugar were the most popular way to get involved in the fundraising effort, but people could also pick their own vice and ‘pause for a cause’.

“We all want to help young people struggling with substance misuse, but lots of people who get involved are also keen to lose weight, save money, change habits, be more productive at work, improve work-life balance or increase energy,” she said.

“Since 2017 Febfast has raised over $9 million and I’d love to see lots of community members – not just TDHS staff and board members – join our team.”

Ms Puli Vogels urged everyone to visit www.febfast.org.au/fundraiser/tdhsfebfastteam to join the team, choose their Febfast and start collecting sponsorships.

“There’s seven in our team now and I’d love to see that grow to 30 or more by February 1 when we start our individual pauses for the cause,” she said.

“Alcohol is mine because I enjoy a wine or two, but I also understand how alcohol can ruin lives is so many ways – be it addiction, financial, relationships or as a gateway to drugs.

“Australians are drinking far more alcohol than 10 years ago, with the average person drinking 12.2 litres of pure alcohol each year. That’s over 25 bottles of vodka each!”

Ms Puli Vogels said that in addition to individuals signing up to take part, she was also hoping that other members of the community would sponsor those pausing for the cause.

“Whether you are joining our Febfast team or sponsoring someone in our team, it’s wonderful that our community can raise important funds for this great cause,” she said.

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