April 2022 Feedback








Although our healthcare service has well developed policies and procedures to provide quality care, Timboon and District Healthcare Service recognises that any feedback regarding its services can be used positively and welcomes them as a useful opportunity to improve its operations

All feedback will be treated sensitively and dealt with in a constructive manner. If you have any feedback, firstly we encourage you to talk to the person in charge of the area/ward.

If you feel uncomfortable to do so or feel your issue has not been resolved, then please complete one of the following options:

  • Go to our feedback station at the front reception and fill out one of the feedback forms (suggestion, compliment or complaint) and place it in one of the feedback boxes located throughout our healthcare service or hand it to a staff member.
  • Contact us on (03) 5558 6000 and ask to speak to a member of the Feedback Review and Evaluation Committee (FREC)
  • Write your detailed feedback addressed to:

Timboon and District Healthcare Service


21 Hospital Road, Timboon, VIC 3268


Timboon and District Healthcare Service complaints procedure:

  • Stage 1 – acknowledging your complaint

The staff member who receives your complaint will be able to provide you with full information about our complaints process.  Please be assured that all feedback is appreciated and will be referred to the appropriate manager for prompt attention and response.

  • Stage 2 – investigating your complaint

The Complaints Liaison Officer will work with staff involved directly in your care to investigate your complaint. This may involve referral to another manager and review of your medical record.

  • Stage 3 – responding to your complaint

We will always provide you with a response.  We aim to do so within 35 days, however will keep you updated if there is any delay.

  • Stage 4 – if you remain dissatisfied with our response, you may contact:
  • The Health Complaints Commissioner